This is an exciting time to be a healthcare professional. Whether
you are already established in your career or just
getting started, you can help us take on — and overcome—
the challenge of providing equitable access to healthcare for
diverse communities across the U.S.

Membership in the National Association of Latino Healthcare
Executives gives you access to nationally recognized top
healthcare executives and leaders within the Latino community
to gain wisdom, insight and experience.


Gain access to C-Suite level executive and industry leaders, career advancement, and job opportunities. Have a voice and share your expertise in research and development of new regulatory and legislative advancements affecting Latino health and healthcare initiatives.


If you’re a mid-career Latino healthcare professional—doctor, nurse, operations manager, HR leader, etc.—and you’re looking for an organization that’s committed to changing healthcare in diverse communities across the U.S., NAHLE is your go-to resource. We serve as a national presence and voice in health policy and research, interacting with other national leaders to speak with experience and perspective. Our educational and mentoring programs, access to healthcare executives, and other resources can benefit you as you continue to climb the ladder of success. And your voice will be a valuable asset as we prepare the next generation of Latino healthcare leaders—including YOU.

Become a Mentor

We believe mentoring is an excellent way for Latino executives to share their experience and knowledge—to give back, guide and support those who have the interest and potential to advance to executive suite positions. The National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives offers two options for mentees; both have access to executive-level mentors.




Recognition and influence in the Latino community as a leader with the goal of improving opportunities for Latino healthcare professionals, access to better healthcare in diverse communities and business collaboration to strengthen work together!


NALHE represents the views and interests of our members, with a shared commitment to excellence. We invite you to explore the various ways to extend your mission’s reach through a partnership with NALHE. Whether with our individual members, contributions or other partnership, your involvement with NALHE brings insight into the industry and its issues not available through any other professional association.

Partnership is open to organizations across the healthcare industry: healthcare systems, providers, suppliers, pharmaceutical industry, academic/ educational institutions, health plans, professional services entities, and foundations.

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Seeking a mentor, internship, fellowships, career programs, scholarships, networking opportunities, community service and more? NALHE is for you!

Thank you for your interest in NALHE.

To be eligible for Student Partner status, you must:

  • Be enrolled full-time or part-time in a four-year program in health services administration or related administrative field that leads to a bachelor’s degree, or be enrolled as a graduate student in such a program.
  • Be enrolled in a healthcare management program where the program or college holds at least a regional accreditation.
  • Be enrolled full-time or part-time as a student in any academic institution or organizations and be interested in the Healthcare Industry as a professional home.

NALHE Student Dues: $25 Annually



Scholarships for students in Healthcare Management Graduate Programs. Interested in learning more about qualifying for a scholarship? Applications are accepted throughout the year through our partner with the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

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Internships and Fellowships with our partners may be available for students in Healthcare programs.

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Applications are accepted throughout the year through our partners!

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