NALHE Gen 1 - NALHE Announces Partnership with Genentech

Considered the founder of the industry, Genentech, now a member of the Roche Group, has been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for more than 40 years.

Genentech is a biotechnology company dedicated to pursuing groundbreaking science to discover and develop medicines for people with serious and life-threatening diseases. Genentech’s transformational discoveries include the first targeted antibody for cancer and the first medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

A Member of the Roche Group

Genentech became a member of the Roche Group in March of 2009. As part of their merger agreement, Roche and Genentech combined their pharmaceutical operations in the United States. Genentech’s South San Francisco campus now serves as the headquarters for Roche pharmaceutical operations in the United States. Genentech Research and Early Development operates as an independent center within Roche.

Diversity & Inclusion

Genentech firmly believes that embracing diversity and inclusion (D&I) drives innovation, improves scientific and clinical outcomes and contributes to equitable healthcare access for all.

At Genentech, that means fostering belonging within their own walls, advancing inclusive research and health equity in our industry at-large and transforming society through partnerships across healthcare, education and within all communities.

“We drive innovation when we all contribute to an inclusive culture that attracts a diverse group of the best and brightest talent, and inspires everyone to freely contribute to their maximum potential and make a meaningful difference for patients every day.”

Alexander Hardy, CEO, Genentech

As a Change Agent Partner to the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives (NALHE), Genentech will serve the association as its trusted scientific research member. 

“This collaboration is in alignment with NALHE’s Strategic Plan, “Beyond the Pipeline,” which reflects the association’s dual approach toward addressing Latino/a underrepresentation in healthcare leadership and healthcare inequity for Latino communities.”

Rolando J. Gomez, MBA, Executive Director, NALHE

The partnership will support NALHE’s strategic call out in achieving Care Transformation for Latino communities including:

  • Advancing the integration of Health Equity into practice through knowledge, awareness, and advocacy.
  • Engaging with NALHE members in national cross-sector dialogue to promote evidence-based community health practices and to disseminate research regarding health disparities and social determinants affecting the U.S. Latino population.
  • To increase opportunities for our members to work with Genentech to advance D&I innovation.

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