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NAHLE Partnership with Health Career Connection: Act Now on Health Workforce and Diversity!

For over 30 years, Health Career Connection (HCC) has inspired and empowered the next generation of diverse health leaders through it comprehensive paid summer internship programs, and robust health sector partnerships. HCC also empowers its 4600 alumni who are early career, mid and senior level health leaders to secure jobs, advance professionally and succeed as leaders.

For the last 3 years, NALHE and HCC have partnered to align missions; to improve the health of under-resourced communities by increasing representation of diverse professionals in healthcare and public health. The NAHLE-HCC partnership provides members with immediate, proven and cost effective opportunity to access talented, diverse HCC students and alumni to meet your priority talent, diversity, equity and inclusion goals. HCC interns and health equity scholars can also contribute to your strategic, COVID, racial justice and community health improvement initiatives.

View our Mission Video to learn more about HCC.

HCC Summer Internships: HCC partners with leading health systems, hospitals, health plans, medical groups, health centers and community organizations committed to health workforce diversity and health equity, to implement a 400+ paid summer internship program throughout the nation. HCC places interns with partner organizations all throughout California, New York/New Jersey, New England, North Carolina, DC/Baltimore/Virgina and in the Midwest. HCC also host interns with partner employers in every state and provides virtual professional and leadership development programing. HCC also partners with associations, like NAHLE, to advance health workforce diversity.

Host HCC Interns or Health Equity Scholars this Summer: NALHE members and their organizations are encouraged to host 10-week, full-time paid HCC undergraduate or recent gradute interns starting in early to mid June.
• 96% of HCC host organizations say that hosting an HCC intern is a good Return on Investment!
• 70% of interns are offered a job or extend their internship!
• Hosts have the powerful experience of being a mentor and giving back

Internships can be virtual, hybrid or in person. Please let HCC know if you can host an intern. If hosting an intern isn’t possible, sponsor a virtual team of HCC Health Equity Scholars to work on a project with your organization and advance their leadership, mentorship and career development.

Partnership: Explore how HCC partners with organizations across the country to deliver these programs, empower students and expand the pool of talented, diverse candidates.

Check out these videos of recent 2022 HCC intern experiences: https://youtu.be/UTpGvmii-kQ

Also be sure to watch the videos below from some of our alumni on how HCC made an impact on their career.
1. Denise Fair Razo, Chief Public Health Officer for the Detroit Health Department
2. Shelby Decosta, President, UCSF Health Affiliates
3. Shannon Connelly, MD, Associate Medical Director at Planned Parenthood

For more information contact Jeff Oxendine at joxendine@healthcareers.org.

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The National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives is a national organization led by Latino/Latina executive leaders of U.S. hospitals and healthcare organizations and experts in the fields of healthcare policy and practice. NALHE was founded in 2005 to increase senior-level Latino/Latina representation in hospitals and health systems in the United States. Their goal is to create a future workforce of highly talented Latino/Latina healthcare executives who can meet the challenge of delivering and improving healthcare in our diverse communities.  For more information, please visit www.nalhe.org

About HCC

HCC connects organizations in all health sectors with talented and diverse future health professionals and leaders. We inspire and empower interns and alumni with real world exposure, experience, mentoring and networking that assists them in achieving their goals, while supporting host organizations to meet their workforce, diversity, community health and other priority goals.

For more information, please visit www.healthcareers.org