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We believe mentoring is an excellent way for Latino executives to share their experience and knowledge—to give back, guide and support those who have the interest and potential to advance to executive suite positions. The National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives offers two options for mentees; both have access to executive-level mentors.

Traditional Mentorship Program

Open to mentees at the Director level or higher

  1. Mentees in this program will:
    • Have a demonstrated commitment and potential to achieve an executive suite-level position. (how is this judged/validated? By current manager? Reference letter?)
    • Currently be in a management level position (Director or equivalent)
    • Be available to meet with assigned mentor for two hours every month during a nine-month period, by phone or in person (what about Skype etc.?).
    • Work with a mentor to create Executive Development Plans that outline action steps for achieving developmental and career goals.
  2. Mentors will:
    • Currently be employed at the Executive Suite or equivalent level
    • Have a sincere interest in working with an aspiring senior level executive
    • Be available to meet with assigned mentee for two hours every month during a nine-month period over the phone or in person.


Mentee Information

  • Mentees will be introduced to their mentors by email; at that time, they can begin scheduling one-hour interviews with each mentor.
  • Mentees/mentors may use sample questions provided or create their own.
  • Interviews may be conducted by telephone, Skype/video conference, or in-person.
  • All interviews must be completed within six months of the first mentor-mentee encounter.
  • Once interviews are complete, mentees will produce a written report (five pages or less) summarizing what they have learned; for example:
    • Lessons for work or professional/personal development
    • Work tools/processes such as navigating interoffice politics or tips for advancement
    • What mentee could have done differently during the six-month interview period
    • How the Program Committee could have better facilitated and helped both mentee and mentor
  • Mentees must also complete a Program questionnaire.
  • Once mentees have submitted their report and questionnaire, NALHE will issue a certificate of completion and include in the NALHE quarterly newsletter the mentee’s name and a brief testimonial about their experience in the program.


Mentor Information

  • Mentors are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis to the mentees who select them.
  • Unless they prefer otherwise, each mentor will be called on to serve a maximum of four times during a calendar year.
  • Once a mentor has reached the maximum of four (4) mentees, they will temporarily be removed from the mentor list until the following January



How to Apply for Mentor/Mentee Positions

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or being a mentee, send your current resume, along with a traditional mentee, early career mentee, or mentor application to

NALHE Mentorship Program

Overview and Guidelines


Mission Statement:

Latino healthcare leaders working together to nurture professional growth and advancement to greater levels of responsibility culminating in attainment of C-suite level positions in all sectors of healthcare administration.


Vision Statement:

The NALHE Mentorship Program will serve as a catalyst for the development and promotion of future Latino healthcare leaders across the nation.


Program Guidelines:

  • 6-months
    • 1-hour (minimum) monthly meeting required (in person or via telephone/video conference/SKYPE).
  • For NALHE members only
  • Applicants must submit online application to be considered
  • For early careerists, mid-careerists, and senior level members (if necessary).
    • Student members (or recent graduates) to be paired with advanced early careerists mentors or mid-careerist mentors. (I am wondering if student members would be interested in mentoring from someone only slightly more experienced than them?)
    • Mid-careerists to be paired with more senior NALHE mentors.
    • Personalized 1:1 pairings will be done via email or in-person (small social event).(Here’s an interesting thought – have a networking “speed matching” event where mentees and mentors attend to meet and establish a first impression. Is this what you had in mind?).
  • Feature mentor/mentee relationships on websites and promotional materials.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be required to submit a brief “status report” after first meeting, 3-months, and end of the 6-months to NALHE mentorship committee.
  • Mentorship committee will provide structure to mentors/mentees on what areas they can focus on during the program.
  • NALHE will recognize mentees/mentors who were able to achieve something together (i.e. secured a job, complete a project, increase skills level, career roadmap).


Mentor’s Role:

  • Be a leader, positive role model, and helping agent
  • Offer guidance, advice, ideas, connections, resources, feedback, recommendations, challenges, stories, lessons learned, and insights
  • Help develop protégé’s vision of his/her future culminating in a written roadmap.
  • Set expectations for how to best work together
  • Provide coaching, advice, and direction
  • Be a resource for unwritten rules
  • Share personal experiences
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Help establish a structure for success
  • Promote a high level of confidentiality and trust
  • Challenge protégé to see things in new and creative ways
  • Time commitment should be a minimum of 1 meeting per month (in-person or telephone/video)


Mentee’s Role:

  • Seek guidance, ask questions, listen, take advice, implement and progress on your goals
  • Employ the guidance, encouragement, and direction from Mentor
  • Set goals for the mentorship relationship and set clear objectives for each meeting
  • Own the mentorship program and your career
  • Be curious, share ideas and be a helpful thought-partner
  • Always be open to constructive feedback
  • Promote a high level of confidentiality and trust
  • Demonstrate commitment to the NALHE Mentorship Program
  • Attend all scheduled meetings with mentor on time
  • Time commitment should be a minimum of 1 meeting per month (in-person or telephone)


Below is a list of themes or areas that can be used to strengthen and add structure to the mentor/mentee relationship on a monthly basis. It is recommended that the mentee select 1 of these themes or areas to focus on each month.


Professional Communication Networking Successfully Continuing Education Plan Setting Stretch Goals
Navigating through politics
in an organization
Leadership Assessment Tools Establishing a professional brand Learning and Communication Styles
Resume Development Developing a professional
development plan
Overcoming obstacles Day in the Life of the Mentor
Interviewing Tips Leading through change Building relationships Measuring Success


Month 1 – Mentor/Protégé exploratory meeting. Establishing expectations

Month 2 – Resume deep dive. Establishing a professional brand

Month 3 – Leadership Assessment…Professional communication

Month 4 – Networking successfully and navigating through politics

Month 5 – Developing a professional development plan (or career roadmap?)

Month 6 – Interviewing Tips and professional communication

How to Apply for Mentor/Mentee Positions

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or being a mentee, send your current resume, along with a traditional mentee, early career mentee, or mentor application to


NFLHE members include Latino/Latina executive leaders of U.S. hospitals and healthcare organizations and experts in the fields of health care policy and practice. The principal strategic objectives of NFLHE are to increase the representation of Latinos at the executive level of U.S. hospitals and health systems and to provide a resource base of input from Latino executives in the areas of legislation, regulation, and policy affecting the health and health care of U.S. Latino communities.


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Leadership Summit: February 13-15, 2019 Orlando, FL

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